And he touched the inside of the pipe with his tongue. Olya got up. Literally. It arched: the shoulder blades are on the table, the feet are resting on the table top, and the rest is right on the bridge. And it turned out that a wet pip pressed against my lips. I put my hands under the buttocks and let's work with the tongue.
“Fuck…” escaped my tongue.
Twenty nine. She answered.
I'll help. What should be done? The view of herself she revealed was highly unusual. But, most importantly, to my great relief, everything was in order with the face. It was definitely human, girlish, with even, regular features. A small neat little upturned nose, graceful curves of the chin and cheekbones, thin eyebrows and large eyes. But the pupils in the eyes were vertical, and the complexion was the same as that of the rest of the surface of the body, pale green. The lips had a much darker shade. The rest of the face was completely human. Smooth greenish-white hair, more white than green, framed the face and fell almost to the shoulders. I involuntarily smiled and my reflection smiled very sweetly in response.
- Are the nipples big?
I'll tell you a little about Olya, my neighbor.
“You should have warned me earlier, Sanya,” he casually threw at me.